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Celebrate Birthday / Anniversary at APPUGHAR EXPRESS

Bowl your Loved Ones at our Bowling Alley
Well, guys aren’t you tired of the mundane and boring activities that you usually do over the weekend? Going out for a movie and lunch, a long drive down the highway – don’t you feel it’s way too clichéd and monotonous, doing the same old routine over and over again?

C’mon those things are passé and way too corny for you to dish out to your loved ones – family, friends or fiancée. Why don’t you try something new and exciting, something that can bowl over your loved ones, with dollops of fun and entertainment?

So what are you waiting for? Come to A.G.E, have fun, amuse yourself, entertain your loved ones and bowl them over (of course with bowling) without further ado.
Happy Bowling!

Bowling Terminology

  • SPLIT : 2 or pins with a larger - than - normal space between them

  • GUTTER : Rolling a ball in either of the side lanes

  • STRIKE : To knock all pins down in the first ball of a frame

  • SPARE/HALF-STRIKE : To knock down the remaining pins in the second ball of a frame